16 Celebs who Were Too lovely Visiting Sick youngsters within the Hospital

We look up to celebrities for all types of reasons. perhaps they depicted a personality that actually speaks to America, or they overcame adversity, or they inspire America with what they’ve accomplished. Some celebrities bear upon this and visit their fans at meet ups or signings or concerts. And generally they are going on to people who cannot come back to them. Here square measure sixteen celebrities United Nations agency visited fans in children’s hospitals.

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1. Taylor Swift sings to sick fans.
On top of donations to schools for the deaf, charity concerts and more, Taylor Swift melted our hearts by singing and dancing with a 6-year-old leukemia patient in Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

2. Johnny Depp visits a children’s hospital in full Captain Jack Sparrow costume.
Depp visited Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia in full costume and in character to brighten the day of the children and their families.

3. John Boyega visits from a galaxy far, far away.

Boyega visited the Royal London Hospital in character as Finn, asking the children to explain Earth things to him. Which is about as precious as it gets.

4. Chris Pratt steals his Starlord costume with the intent of visiting Children’s Hospitals.
Before Guardians of the Galaxy was even released, he stole the costume hoping he could make a difference in the lives of children by visiting them. He’s the real hero.

5. The Ghostbusters bust frowns in Boston Hospital.

The four leads of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie visited the Tufts Medical Center while on break from filming in Boston.

6. Jennifer Lawrence makes a Christmas Eve visit to hometown pediatric ICU.

While visiting her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, JLaw decided to make Christmas extra special for the ICU patients with a surprise visit.

7. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt make the most heart-warming Superbowl bet ever.

Betting on last year’s Superbowl, the loser had to visit a Children’s Hospital of the winner’s choice in Marvel costume. After winning the bet, Chris Evans joined Pratt anyway and they visited both hospitals.

8. John Cena is the record holder of most Make-a-Wish wishes granted.

It’s not just one hospital visit to recognize the WWE Champ for. The wrestler has made over 500 different visits to children through the foundation. There is a hero here, and his name is… JOHN CENA!

9. Ryan Reynolds brings Deadpool pre-release to a cancer patient.

Connor McGrath’s Make-a-Wish wish was to see Deadpool before release, and when a turn in his illness prevented him from going, the star of the film brought it to him personally instead.

10. Kim and Kanye make time to visit sick children and ask for donations.

Near the start of their relationship, the pair visited LA based children’s hospitals, and more recently asked people to send donations to the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago instead of giving them baby gifts for Saint West’s birth.

11. Selena Gomez lifts spirits visiting each child in LA Children’s Hospital.

The singing star visited each child and spent time with them, listening to their stories, and even wore a Team Connor bracelet in support of one of the patients.

12. Justin Bieber delays concert to visit leukemia patient.

When Millie Flamm’s leukemia relapsed and she was unable to see Justin in concert, he made sure to make time to give her a personal visit in the hospital.

13. Ron Perlman becomes Hellboy again to grant a young boy’s wish.

Perlman underwent the 4 hour process of applying the Hellboy makeup to visit a 6 year old boy named Zachary who was a leukemia patient. They spent the day together and Zachary was able to become a mini Hellboy himself.

14. Anne Hathaway surprises child patients with an advanced screening of Rio 2 and a visit.

Hathaway made a surprise visit to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to make the children’s day and show them her newest film at the time.

15. Mark Hamill skips appearance with Star Wars cast to visit sick children

Hamill, known for being Luke Skywalker, visited Great Ormond Street Hospital patients the day after The Force Awakens premiered, saying the ability to give back was the greatest thing he has ever received.

16. David Beckham visits Australian children’s hospital.

In keeping with his position as a UNICEF ambassador, the soccer legend visited the hospital in hopes of bringing smiles to their faces, which he said he hopes helps their healing process, even if only slightly.

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