3-Year-Old Gymnastics Prodigy Blows Everyone Away With Her Amazing Skills

If you’ve ever seen a three-year-old or remember being one, you may have noticed that lack of coordination and discipline. These are the two most important parts of being a gymnast, and even though a lot of kids start practicing and learning the art at this age, most can’t even sit still for instructions.You’re about to meet a very different kind of three-year-old and she’s more than adorable — she’s talented and insanely strong.

Emma is three but started gymnastics when she was two and a half (because that’s how you explain six months as a kid). At her age, she is already moving up the ranks of her gymnastics school and quickly. Ellen was super impressed to see such a young kid moving her little bod like a professional gymnast, completing moves that kids many years her senior struggle with. Next time your kids asks you to try something like this, consider letting them. You never know, you may end up on Ellen

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