6 Deadly Mistakes Girls Make During Their Periods

Every woman has her list of do’s and don’ts throughout her periods. Some do not eat sure foods or some do not like to use medication to calm the pain as a result of it should cause sure irregularities. however there are a set of stuff you should avoid throughout your periods at any cost.

Most of you do not concerning the hazards of performing some activities throughout those days within the month because no one has warned you about them. many ladies still do these however they’re supposed to be avoided completely.

1. Unprotected $ex


You can get infections from unprotected intercourse during this time.

2. Skipping meals


It is natural to feel bloated during your period, but skipping meals is a big no-no. You are bound to feel weak, but healthy food is must for you.

3. Exert yourself

Whether it’s work or studies, don’t exert yourself because your body is already weak.

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