9 Organs of the human body that nobody is aware the purpose of

The tonsils (glands)


The tonsils are an accumulation of adenoid tissue settled within the epipharynx. They defend us from bacteria and viruses that we suspire on a usual in massive quantities.
Sometimes, if the tonsils stay inflamed for a long time, they will themselves become a source of infection instead of still defend the body. it’s on these occasions that doctors sometimes advocate removing them.
The full immunological role of the tonsils remains, however, not entirely understood.

Nipples on men


The appearance of nipples is connected with the actual fact that, right once conception, the Y-chromosome is inactive, so all embryos begin their development within the same method. it’s solely during the second month of development that the genes are “turned on.” At this time, the primary sex glands in males become testes and start to provide male sex hormones. a big quantity of restructuring consequently takes place. However, the nipples stay in place.

The spleen


The spleen was once dubbed “a complete mystery.“ Its functions are still not fully understood. still, we do recognize the following:
It produces lymphocytes and antibodies;
It gets eliminate recent red blood cells, the remains of that are sent to the liver;
It is a ”depot” for blood, that is free once the body copes with large physical loads.

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