Ad Uses creative Technique To extend Awareness concerning Cancer research

There was once a fun lightsome digital subway ad in Sweden touting hair care product. As soon as a train flew by, the woman’s hair within the sign tossed around, as if unreceptive by the train’s motion. people wanted the ad such a lot that’s remained within the railway station for days — and shortly, the world took notice of this awesomely introduce thanks to advertise.

As a result, the team at Barncancer Fonden — Swedish health care professionals planning to treat and cure cancer — used this same creative technique to extend awareness regarding one thing rather more necessary than hair care. the company, impressed by the train that whizzed by and cued up the sign up the platform, made their own version however with a surprising twist. The results are therefore unbelievable that “A hair-raising Message” has gone viral with over 10 million views. Just watch.

Garbergs, the agency who created the ad, says, “The world shares the film not simply because they assume it’s fantastically created, however as a result of they assume the message is gorgeous.”

People have return up with some pretty enthused ways that to utilize everyday chairs and what happens during this video is not any exception.

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