Adorable Little Boy Conducts An Adult Choir Like An Absolute Master

Even though the adorable little boy in this video is only in kindergarten, it seems he’s already found exactly what his path should be in life.

While most of us have to go through years and years of self-discovery before we finally realize what our special skill is, six-year-old Jaemarc Shabazz has found his secret talent, and it’s beginning to blow people away from all over the world.

The little boy was already becoming a viral sensation and popular chorus leader and conductor, but when Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres asked him to appear on the new hit television show, “Little Big Shots,” this little boy knew that his big chance had finally arrived.

The video below features the tiny tot leading a choir full of adults in an absolutely beautiful rendition of the classic gospel song, “Oh Happy Day.” The audience absolutely fell in love from the very start, and when Steve Harvey came onstage to be conducted, the kid really showed off his talent!

It seems like this boy is being raised in a very wonderful home, and something tells me his parents are going to keep him on the right track. In a few years time, Jaemarc is definitely going to be spreading his message to an even bigger audience!

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