Amazing Video Shows New Medical Technology That Stops The Effects Of Parkinson’s Disease….

It’s incredible to believe that just a little over 100 years ago, we barely knew what germs even were, let alone what they could do to the human body.

Being a doctor in those days was filled with a lot of guesswork, inaccurate information, and was all based on healing people with what you had. Of course there were some amazing natural remedies to problems, but something as complicated as open-heart surgery or brain surgery just wasn’t going to happen.

Fast-forward a century and you can see just how much the human race has accomplished. Every single day, we make huge strides that get us closer and closer to defeating diseases that, 50 years ago, were a death sentence.

While Parkinson’s disease isn’t beaten yet, we’re getting closer to eventually finding a cure. And for some men and women, a new device is in its early stages that can help cancel out the horrible effects that this disease has on millions of sufferers worldwide.

Check out the story below, and join us in celebrating this man’s journey to feeling good again! Everyone deserves to be happy!


Mr. Richardson has long been suffering from the tremble-inducing effects of Parkinson’s disease. For anyone who has dealt with these tremors, or knows someone who has, it’s miserable. Just like chronic pain, it’s just something you have to accept as a part of your life now.


But Mr. Richardson has been given the chance to try out a relatively new medical device known as the Medtronic’s DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation).

This device almost seems like magic. Doctors search the trouble points of a patient’s brain, and once they find them, they insert tiny probes that stimulate your brain. Similar to a pacemaker for the heart, this device keeps a brain functioning as normally as possible!

Now watch when he presses the button.


The doctor asks his patient to raise his hands, but look closely and you’ll see what a huge difference this device makes in less than 10 seconds.

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