American Horror Story’ Season 6: Finn Wittrock Talks How Lady Gaga Is ‘Incredibly Fearless

Lady Gaga made a big impression on Finn Wittrock on the set of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’.Lady Gaga wooed the entire cast of American Horror Story, including Finn Wittrock.Wittrock, who played alongside Gaga frequently in American Horror Story: Hotel, praised her work ethic and passion in a new interview.The actor took note of the pop superstar’s intensity for her work mixed with a surprising approachability.

“She’s a workhorse, she’s unstoppable,” he told TheWrap, adding she has “a very kind of contagious passion … for what she does. You know, I think she knew going into it … she knew people would be a little intimidated by her or, like, daunted, so she kind of immediately tried to dispel all that and became very approachable, not just to me … but to the crew and to everybody, chatting, f—ing around. She’s fun!”
Wittrock continued, “She’s incredibly passionate, incredibly fearless and wasn’t afraid to ask questions, like, ‘Was that good, did that suck? What’s up, how can we make this better. She was always in it.”
It is not yet known if Gaga will return for season 6 of American Horror Story, though she did confirm that she would be back in the future. Gaga spoke about this in a Z100 radio interview in March, finally admitting after some hesitation that she would be returning to the show.
“Yes,” she confirmed. “I can’t promise you how or when or anything like that.”
As for Wittrock, he did tell TheWrap recently that he hopes to return for season 6, even if in a smaller capacity

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