Baby Freaks Out When Sister Blows A Bubble With Bubble Gum

The greatest thing about babies (yours or someone else’s) is that they react to everything. Their little minds are working around the clock to understand the world around them as quickly as possible. There is so much to know and discover, which is probably why a day feels so long to a child. Simple tastes, smells and experiences we take for granted are so exciting, they’re almost an overload for the little ones. This video features a baby’s first. Not her first step or first word, but her first BUBBLE!

Bubbles are pretty fascinating. The soap ones are the first a baby might get to know, but this time another bubble is about to pop open this kid’s imagination. Her sister is chewing on some bubble gum and the baby seems intrigued. Suddenly, a bubble starts to form, and the baby’s reaction is beyond adorable. She can’t seem to calm her adorable little baby limbs as the bubble gets bigger and suddenly, it’s gone!

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