Check Out The 12 Actresses Behind Everyone’s Favorite Disney Princesses

I think the very first film I ever saw was the limited imaginary creature. I remember instantly falling in love with the music and simulation to be a imaginary creature whenever my parents would take me swimming at the community pool. Since then, I’ve always loved watching each Walt Disney movies whenever they come out. and that i love that Disney is continuing to remake their princess stories into live action movies!

We’re all most likely aware of all the Disney songs and may most likely acknowledge a Disney princess by their voice, however have you ever ever questioned concerning the actresses who voiced the characters? check out the faces behind your favorite Disney princesses!

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs came out all the way back in 1937. She was the first Disney princess that started the whole trend!


Adriana Caselotti was cast as Snow White. Reportedly, she was paid $970 for her work, which is approximately $15,994.

Unfortunately, she signed a strict contract that didn’t allow her to sing in other movies, TV and radio shows! This was because Disney wanted everyone to believe Snow White was real so they didn’t want any other characters to sound like her.


2. Beauty and the Beast was the first movie to feature a brunette princess! And if you notice, she’s the only person in her small town who wears blue. It was done on purpose to symbolize how different she is from everyone else around her.


While she was auditioning for the part of Belle, Paige O’Hara’s hair flew in her face and she quickly tucked it back. The animators ended up loving this and put it in the movie!


3. Cinderella was considered to be one of Walt Disney’s favorite movie because he loved the animation of the transformation of her torn dress to the beautiful white ball gown.


Ilene Woods beat out 309 girls for the part.

Later in life, Ilene suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. During that time, she forgot that she had played Cinderella and the nurses who looked after her claimed that she always felt comforted when she heard “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.”


4. When Sleeping Beauty came out, it was revealed that Princess Aurora’s grace and elegance was inspired by Audrey Hepburn.


Mary Costa had to audition with Bill Shirley just to make sure that their voices would go well together for the music.


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