Famous internet Celebrities And this is often What they’re Up to now

Remember that Success Kid?

Who was the singer behind that cover song?

Do you remember them? the internet has seen lots of people who gained such a lot of recognition and with time, they disappeared. Here are some of them and find what they’re up to now!

1. Success Kid…


This kid gave us so many reasons not to stop. He is still remembered for viral memes.

This is how he looks now!


He was able to raise $100,000 successfully and do you know what he did with that money? He used them to pay for his father’s kidney transplant. *claps*

2. Oli White


British YouTuber from London who creates entertaining videos.

This is him now!


He has published a book called #GenerationNext. It is one of the famous books among youths. *Guts over fear*

3. The Bad Luck guy!


“The most unlucky guy.” – 9GAG
This is Kyle Craven. In 2012, somebody shared his image from Reddit and he went viral. His memes were circulated all over the Internet.

This is him now.


He made approx $20,000 from that Bad Luck Brian merchandise. Also, his picture continues to be used for advertisements in Puerto Rico, Chile, Germany, and Poland. He is 26 now and works for his father’s company that builds churches

4. Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII


Awesome entertainer @IISuperwomanII – vlogger, motivational speaker, and a comedian.


Biggest YouTube celebrity


Did you know only 70 people watched her first video? Today her channel has over 9 million subscribers.

Who is your favorite one?

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