Game On NBA 2K16 A knockout event of 16 winners starts now

Take -Two to catalog of huge names in industry of video games taking break at eSports

Its confirmed  from video games publisher that they will host a tournament with characteristic of professional basket ball imitation NBA 2k16  with best prize of 250,000 USD. The final event start from 15 February and continue in June with NBA final

The statement by Alfie Brody, vice president of marketing for NBA 2K,

“Our series has long inspired rivalry among gamers, and we’re looking forward to encouraging our fans to enjoy the thrill of competition on a larger scale,”

16 winners will be selected throughout the tournament which is scheduled to start on Feb  15 and will end on May 8. A knockout event of 16 winners starts now.

Take- Two is the most recent company in video games with rising into eSports market. Companies contains Activision and Electronic Art to develop its eSports manifestation like other companies Capcom and microsoft  such as Street fighter and Halo.

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