Homeless Man Built A Remarkable Secret Tunnel Under NYC Subway

The resourcefulness of some people never ceases to amaze me. it is a lack of material that inspires creative thinking. remember that scene in Apollo thirteen wherever the engineers need to work out the way to create a working carbon dioxide scrubber from the materials on board the capsule? point out inspiring. which extremely happened, saving the lives of 3 astronauts! do not you want you had the imagination and therefore the knowledge to drag off something like that? they are the real MacGyvers!

Of course, we will not all be NASA engineers. however we’re all engineers in our own homes. we tend to like to tinker with them, whether or not we tend to create small tweaks here and there or shred the floors and move a wall. house is what you create it, regardless of where you create it.

How desperate would you have got to be to live below the subway in new York City? It seems nearly sub-human to be relegated to a life underground, out of the light and perpetually interrupted by the roaring and shaking of trains. And yet, that is how one man has chosen to live, and although on the surface it’s like he is in a very rough means, on nearer inspection, it isn’t all dangerous.

He’s definitely created the most of his spot below the subway. He has electricity, a kitchen range, and a mini-fridge. The postman may not visit, however he also does not pay rent living down there, and once you think about what this area would price in even a lowly apartment house in new York, you almost envy the guy. And it certain beats sleeping on the streets!

What does one think? Would you reside here?

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