Jennifer Love Hewitt Shares Her Personal Tips For Pregnant ladies…

Due to her second kid, actor Jennifer Love Hewitt disclosed one in all her big pregnancy tips: indulge little.

“You have nine months to enjoy,” she told entertainment Tonight. “Don’t go crazy because it’s really hard for it to come off afterwards. It doesn’t happen in two seconds like it looks like in Hollywood.”

It’s not very often you hear Hollywood stars admit to stuffing their face with food. But, together with her cravings for Ralph’s ice cream, Hewitt said she works out 5 times every week and is a dedicated swimmer.

“It’s really good for swelling,” she said of swimming. “I would say that’s a definite thing that first-time pregnant moms should do.”

Similarly to Kelly Rowland, who spoke with web media regarding her expertise as a first-time mother, Hewitt disclosed what quantity it’s modified her perception. The actor, Who is that the face of Palmer’s maternity product, welcome daughter time of year James with husband Brian Halli say in Nov 2013.

“I suppose as a mom you simply understand however unimportant stuff is,” she told people. “Everything before you have got children is oh-so important and so you have got children and you’re like, ‘That very doesn’t mean something. My child is healthy, there’s no sniffles, they’re sleeping, life is good!’ It very puts that into perspective.”

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