Lenovo CPlus Bendable Smartphone…

Lenovo showcased its model folding & flexile smartphone, the Lenovo C plus at the Lenovo tech World 2016. Lenovo C plus is really an idea model, which implies it’ll be a short while till we see it within the markets, however TechBuzzIn walks through a fast peek at it. The Lenovo C plus will be bent & worn sort of a watch on the wrist. lenovo CTO, Peter Hortensius told “Don’t ask me why it’s called that” once he was asked concerning the the name of the phone. Apparently, since the phone will be bent in C-Shape, name was given.

It sports a 4.2 in. display & comes with android OS. Lenovo C plus model showed however fragile it’s. A press footage once examined rigorously unconcealed a crack once the phone was being bent. From the pictures , black dots can be seen within the bent portion of the display.

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