Little Girl Plays With An 8-Foot Python And They End Up Hugging. If Snakes Had Arms, People!

The way people determine which animals to fear and which to love, which to pet and which to eat, has always been fascinating. Charles Darwin was known to experiment with eating different animals, even ones society had determined were not fit for consumption. In the last 50 years, wealthy Americans have been collecting exotic pets like pythons to impress their friends. Sometimes these snakes get free and scare the neighborhood, but most of the time, their owners are pretty happy. These snakes have feels too as you’re about to see in this adorable video.

Children are taught fear by their parents. If parents show their kids they have nothing to fear, they can better learn about other creatures with whom we share the world. Snakes scare adults of all ages, but is there really anything to fear? No, there isn’t. Animals who grew up with people know better than to turn them into breakfast, lunch or dinner. This little girl is enjoying her own imagination with the family pet, a python. When you see this embrace, you may consider getting one yourself.

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