News for lovers by Mark Zuckerberg wraps up live videos

Live videos is more express able rather massages, you can better communicate what you have philosophy about yours sentiment and futures plan. With this concept Mark always tries to do such thing which makes communication better amongst the community. And live video is one real fun for Mark.

Statement by Marks Facebook town hall in Berlin on Friday “Live video is one of the things I am most excited about because it’s so raw and so visceral,” .

Face book team has announced on Friday, the live video’s feature has started on devices powered with Android mobile software. And this thing will start more than the next week in USA and later other countries. And same feature will be available iOS devices in USA and then other almost thirty countries.

Statement by Mark “It gives people to express what’s going on in their life now, what they care about, without having to feel like it’s some super curated thing and I think that’s going to be very powerful,”

Mark said, “has been very great, not just for the public figures and people who have big audiences that we expected to really enjoy it, but also for a lot of young folks, people in high school and in college, who really want this kind of raw, emotional, visceral way to share and connect with the people around them.”

Mark said “Of a lot of things we have done recently, this is one that I am looking the most forward to rolling out,” .

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