Research Has Proven That Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier

Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, big butts are well and truly in fashion. They’ve caused countless people to flock to gyms in the hope of squatting their way to the derriere of their dreams, or, if they’re financially able, going under the knife to become #BootyGoals.

Over the years, the ideal booty type has changed significantly. Way back in the 1920s, when flapper girls were the epitome of fashion, having no butt at all was best, but by the 1950s, big butts were in thanks to the immortal Marilyn Monroe who was the Kim K of her day.

Many women want to conform to these gender stereotypes so that they can be more attractive to the opposite sex, which is why achieving them surgically is so dangerous. Big boobs might have been all the rage a decade ago, but now they’re officially out of fashion.

However, according to a study published in PLoS ONE, big butts activate the reward regions of the male brain otherwise stimulated by substances like alcohol and drugs, causing an unconscious attraction to women with them, so maybe they’re not quite as bad as boob jobs.

While there is no denying that fashion and celebrity culture play a huge role in influencing ideal female body types, it turns out that if you’re blessed with a big butt naturally, well, you’re also likely to have been blessed with a bigger brain and a healthier body!

In a study conducted by the University of Oxford, which studied data obtained from 16,000 women, it was proven that the women with larger butts were not only more intelligent, but were surprisingly resistant to chronic illnesses.

So if you’re reading this Kim, why not crack open the bubbly before your surrogate gives birth? You’ve finally got proof that you’ve got brains as well as beauty. Well, sort of.

“The idea that body fat distribution being important to health has been known for some time. However, it is only very recently that thigh fat and a large hip circumference have been shown to promote health; that lower body fat is protective by itself,” lead researcher professor Konstantinos Manolopoulous said.

The study also revealed that women with big butts have lower glucose and cholesterol levels and higher levels of Omega three fats. What’s more is that dinopectia, a hormone known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic benefits, is found in those with a bigger butt.

As if things couldn’t get any better for all your hardcore squatters, it also turns out that the adipose tissue in big butts works to prevent cardiovascular disease.

We might have established that big butts can make women more attractive to the opposite sex and are a pretty good indicator of being smarter and healthier, but it turns out that big butts can also help other parts of a woman’s body look better.

In fact, big butts have been proven to make a woman’s waist look slimmer.

It’s also been proven that big butts help improve a woman’s posture. A large derriere helps to elongate hip flexors which aligns the spine making you stand up straighter.

So, if you’ve got a naturally peachy butt, then it’s time to embrace it! It doesn’t matter that you have to jump and wiggle just to get your favorite pair of jeans on – because that junk in your trunk is doing a lot more for you than you originally expected.