These are doubtless The Funniest Moments In Facebook History!

The internet is full of half witted geniuses. you know that, right? Some people literally do not perceive the idea of what to share on Facebook or what views/opinions to post within the comments section.

We have made a list of such screaming moments and an enormous salute to all or any those that made it on our list. Presenting you posts that may even make Mark Zuckerberg go like ‘Are you kidding me?’.

Just sit back and revel in the laughter and do not forget to share this along with your friends!

And the ‘Genius of the Year’ award goes to…


This discovery is better than Newton’s gravity.


I guess, he doesn’t understand the concept of pregnancy that well.


That logic and that ‘building’? I’m done!


Forever alone for sure, but hats off for his skills.


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