Upgrade Your Phone Now Or Say Goodbye To Whatsapp At The End Of 2016

Whatsapp! the foremost common and wide used platform at the current situation for the purpose of communication. it’s gained huge popularity in such a short time, simply because of its fantastic and simple to use features.

As on last month, Whatsapp declared the Video calling feature, to woo its customers and make them trust the app. However, the latest announcement made by Whatsapp would possibly discourage few smartphone users who are using recent handsets.

Whatsapp is making ready to discontinue compatibility with older phones and is making up the mind of paying additional attention to mobile platforms that are used by a large mass of people.

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Whatsapp announced that the chat messaging app wouldn’t work on millions of outdated phones by the end of 2016


Earlier this year, Whatsapp already announced the discontinuation of its service for old smartphones by the end of 2016, and it has implemented its plan now.

The questions that arise here are that…


Whether our smartphone will support Whatsapp in 2017?
What are the criteria of the company to discontinue the services to older smartphones?
Don’t panic! Here is the list of the smartphones/operating systems that will not be supported in 2017.

Android 2.1 and 2.2


Android phones and tablets running on version 2.1 or 2.2 will not be supported. If you are confused wherein which version you are using on your phone, just go to Settings and then About Phone and you will get to see your Android version.

Windows Phone 7


For Windows, devices with Windows 7 as their OS will not be supported after 2016. To see which version of Windows your phone uses, go to Start and then select Settings->About->More info

iPhone: 3GS/ iOS 6


The Whatsapp won’t be compatible with iPhone 3GS handsets and iOS 6 running devices, from the next upgrade. The service will also stop working on first, second, third and fourth generation iPad that has not been updated.
What to do if your iPhone comes under the category mentioned above? Just update your iOS to 9.3 and enjoy the service.

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