Use these 5 lists to save money in year 2017

After making a budget using Mint’s on-line tools, I relied heavily on a series of largely written lists to carry myself responsible, ensuring that I wouldn’t overspend. (If you are having hassle managing your cash, try going the old style route and use money.)

Here are the 5 lists that you just will begin using quickly to stay your spending in check!

1. Cash Goals List


I begin out each year by asking myself however I will save a lot of and pay less over following twelve months.

The number of goals I set varies from year to year, however the key’s to put in writing them down and show the list of goals during a place wherever you’ll be reminded concerning what you are trying to realize.

This year I set the seventeenth of each month as each day to visualize in with myself and judge my progress.

Here are my money goals for 2017:

Reduce overall food spending by 15% compared to 2016.
Contribute $10,000 to my 401(k).
Drive 7,500 miles or less.
Renegotiate or eliminate 3 monthly bills.
Offset any cash spent on fast food by increasing my income.

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