You have Been Charging Your Cell Phone Wrong All The Time…

Does your phone battery last barely a day?
Do you charge your phone overnight? are you aware that overcharging your phone will cause harm to it?

If not, then browse on to understand a lot of

Charging your phone at little intervals could harm the battery life. that is A MYTH!


Here’s another misconception: Charging our phones once the battery is near to die


Trust me, just DON’T!

According to a battery company Cadex:


the ‘lithium-ion’ within the battery has its own level of ‘stress’. If you increase the ‘stress’ of your smartphone by overcharging it, the battery lifetime of your phone is ultimately shortened, that takes us to following step that’s important.

Unplug your phone once it’s absolutely charged.


As for humans, stress is damaging. Similarly, over-stressing your phone by overcharging it, goes to try and do no sensible to you. Unplugging the charger is like ‘relaxing once an exhausting exercise’. however wouldn’t it be if you exertion non-stop?

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